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Better Self Workshop

Live and be well the Holistic way. Its more exciting than you think!

  • 1 hour
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Service Description

• Learn the Anatomy and Physiology of the brain and how it communicates, operates, and responds to a healthy lifestyle. • Learn about supreme Brain Health with a Complete catalogue of foods that are harmful and helpful and how to select, store, and prepare those foods. • Enjoy our Neuro games: small exciting, yet intellectually stimulating, games that invite a happy attitude while educating at the same time. • Take advantage of our Smoking Cessation segments: Counseling, education/awareness, methods and best practices, testimonials, and coaching. • Experience personalized motivation that helps keep participants on task to reach their personal goals through positive reinforcement. This Workshop gives people exact knowledge and tools they need to make quality decisions about not only the foods that they eat but also what or how those foods contribute or harm their bodies. An astute and practical education in Anatomy and Physiology is the foundation of this workshop as we explore what food is, what the bodies needs are, and what is helpful and harmful to it. Today it is common knowledge that we should eat healthy and exercise. What this workshop does is give a hands-on and practical approach of how to go about doing so, while incorporating creative ways to being well. Our goal here is also to teach you to teach others with the enormous amount of knowledge you will have received from this workshop.

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