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About Me


New York Methodist Allied Health 2012-2013

American Heart Association Instructor program 2019

Institute for Integrative Nutrition NYC 2014-2015

Why Good Ground Seed?

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Good Ground Seed is a labor of love manifested into a business, operating as an agent of change. What we do is help people repair their Immune System by eliminating unhealthy habits that cause chronic disease and death by replacing them with healthy lifestyle changes. This is all done through education, application, and a proven methodology on how to repair your Immune System through having a Healthy Gut, Healthy Stress Management, and an intimate understanding of Spiritual Food Science.


Today there is a revolution in Health Care. Imagine if you will that you were able to travel back in time. Before Heart Disease, Cancer, Chronic Lung Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Kidney disease ever existed. Or at least not so prevalent and as high of a rate as it is today. Well, at Good Ground Seed we believe time travel is possible by engaging in reversing the times through a high-quality preventative health care initiative. Our focus is geared towards helping to prevent and/or reverse chronic disease while facilitating a continued maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. The mission is simply to help people live a successful, progressive, and joyous life, free of chronic disease that will aid in your ability to prosper for many years to come. 


 Journey with me as I embark on a heal the world initiative and book a class, workshop, or program today. With much gratitude and heartfelt appreciation, I am honored to help you, help yourself to be well.

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I'm a Certified Holistic Health Educator as well as a tenured Paramedic with 10 years of Emergency Clinical experience from NYC.

I created Good Ground Seed as a result of my life’s calling which is a passionate pursuit to help people live healthier lives void of disease.

Originally born in Detroit, MI then migrated to Brooklyn, NY 17 years ago where I found solace in culture, and diversity, meeting the challenge of adversity and helping to save lives as an Advanced Life Support Medical Service provider. Finding myself limited and ignorant as to why I was treating so many people from all walks of life with the same chronic diseases I began my life's work of researching a better solution to help prevent and even reverse these conditions without them having to take an unbelievable amount of prescription drugs just to live.


Out of all the experiences I have had as a Paramedic and Holistic Educator, I have come to understand that being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is a divine right given to mankind as a gift. People are created and designed to be in good health and live vibrant healthy and evolving lives of love, truth, community, peace, fertility, and prosperity. Great health is the philosophy and wisdom of the Infinite Creator Most High God that is written in the very fiber of our DNA.

I am honored and excited to work with you and help you on your journey of repairing your Immune System and creating a healthier You. Together we can change our world, one healthy mind, body, and spirit at a time.


Pick up a copy of my new book:

Have a Heal of a Time and learn how to repair your Immune System with my 6-month Wellness Program

or Book a free consultation today.

I'd love to hear from you!

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